do u ever read a fanfic with a lot of kudos and ur like


why do ppl like this

wow am i hung over

i have to get ready for work in about an hour I have the evening shift tonight. And I managed to block out a large portion so nobody books me a second huge deshed I already have a st bernard


Apocalypse Now (1979)

im sorry i had a horrendous day at work, drank too much, and then proceeded to spew my feeling about apocalypse now all over tumblr in a messy and confusing way.

 i should just go to sleep.


Apocalypse Now (1979) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

The End by The Doors does things to my emotions

I guess to remind myself I may be a piece of shit but I’m not as big of a fucking tragedy as I used to be, I decided to see if my livejournal still exists.

It does and I sound like a child even though I was a college freshman.

I was finally going to sit down and watch that Comic Strip Presents that has a really pretty young Ade and Jen in it, but I think I’ll just listen to this girl sing instead. I wonder if she has a CD out.

Last night I saw a really good Mash episode, Hawkeye runs off to the peace talks. :D

What the fuck, past self. And even earlier on

My all time favorite youtube fanvid has been removed my 20th Century Fox.

BUT, tonight is day 2 of the TV Land M*A*S*H marathon :D I’ve been taping over my old Eukanuba and Crufts VHS tapes with mash.


Just an average day at the Haven police station.

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Bob Dylan


Top Ten Countdown #2



Vintage Pin Curl Setting Patterns | x


Lemme see some I.D.


Lemme see some I.D.

Yesterday was the worst day ever and then today managed to become worse than yesterday.